Conference hotel

The conference will be held at the Leonardo Jerusalem hotel: 9 Saint George Street, Jerusalem, Israel.

Please do not use this link to make reservations!


The Leonardo Jerusalem Hotel is placed midway between the New and Old City, with a 15-minute walk in either direction. It has the advantage of being close to the new Jerusalem Light Railway (your stop is Shivtey Israel) so low-cost mobility is now greatly enhanced.

The hotel is close to many historical landmarks such as the Garden Tomb, Temple Mount, and Dome of the Rock. It is also close to the Western Wall and Church of the Holy Sepulcher.

Some Places to Visit:
Mount Hertzl Audio-Visual Show, Western Wall Tunnel, Tower of David Museum, Israel Museum, Via Dolorosa, Church of the Holy Sepulcher, Biblical Zoo.

Reaching the Hotel (from Ben Gurion Airport)
Here are some useful tips to help you reach the Leonardo Jerusalem Hotel:

By Taxi
Taxis cost NIS 200-300 (around $72 to $85) from Ben Gurion Airport to the hotel. Alternatively you can take a Nesher shared taxi (mini-bus) for approximately NIS 60 ($18) per person.


Superb location near the light train and Israel Museum.

Just outside the city center near St. George's Cathedral, the hotel, 4 Stars Plus, is minutes from the city’s fabled attractions, including the Church of the Holy Sepulchre and the Dome of the Rock, and situated right next to main transport links including the light railway. The hotel is also located on a direct route out of the city, with fast access towards Jericho and the Dead Sea.




We have special rates for the participants at this hotel.

Superior Single room $155
Superior Double room $175
Superior Balcony Single room $180
Superior Balcony Double room $200

All rooms include breakfast, Wi-Fi, newspaper the spa & fitness center. In addition, Reservation should be made before May 15, 2018. From May 15, 2018, reservations will be subject to availability.

Cancellation Policy:

1.     Cancellations will be accepted at no charge up to 21 days prior to arrival.

2.     After above periods, automatic cancellation fee equaling one (1) night on board arrangement will be charged.



The following special rates are available for conference participants who make reservations using the form see below.


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Hotel: Leonardo Jerusalem

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